So Be It

by Please Forward

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released November 25, 2016

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Tim Jones
Assistant Engineering by Kyle Bryson and Ian Riley
Recorded at Soundgasm Studios
Mixed at The Foundry
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering
Album Artwork Designed by Greg Thye

Zach Marshall - Vocals/Guitar
Blake Crowe - Guitar/Vocals
Fletcher Vaughn - Bass
Trevor King - Drums



all rights reserved


Please Forward Atlanta, Georgia

Emotional rock music from the foothills of Georgia. Formerly known as Light The Avenue.

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Track Name: Backroads
There you are on the sidewalk
Same look you gave me right before you left
Scrapes across your forehead
Grab your shoes, grab your hat
Just get in. Oh please, don’t do this right now
We’re both getting wet
You told me I’d live forever
Become a legend and you will never die
But I don’t want to live like this
Your life meant twice as much to me as mine
There you are on the beach
You haven’t changed a bit since we met
Sun faded ink
What’s your name? Where you from?
Where you stayin’? Please stay, it’s gonna get wild
I went with you instead
You took the backroads home that night
You needed time to think and clear your mind
I said “stay away from me.”
Track Name: Bastards
These are my clothes now
The rags that burn my throat out
The tears, they show their faces when I lie down
Aware I’m ill, I wear them well
I’ll do what I want, I’ll do what I’ve gotta do
Cause this won’t fix itself but it’s trying to
Locked out again
This time those bastards really have it coming
It’s only 3 A.M.
(I could have had another one)
Time couldn’t fix it so I’m drying out old memories
I’ll put my shoes back on
I’ll show them who they’re fucking with
I’ll be asleep out here, so don’t wake me up
Just leave me be
I don’t need your help, give me some space
Just let me breathe
They’ll do what they want, they’ll do what they have to do
Cause I can’t fix myself but I’m dying to
Locked out again
This time those bastards really have it coming
It’s only 4 A.M.
(I could have had another one)
Time couldn’t fix me so I’m trying out old remedies
Oh God, I need my medicine
These are my clothes
They hang at the back of the closet so nobody knows
Track Name: Trigger Happy
Sing that one song that I wrote for someone else
Cause you’re the one that knows the words
Remind me what I said cause I sure as hell can’t remember
I’ve found that memories can be burned
You spent the past ten months just trying to be gone forever
Well my head spent them being gone
I took my medicines
They kept me numb and dumb and bitter
They kept the lights from coming on
But I don’t wanna go back to that place
Jesus Christ, is it November?
I haven’t written in quite some time
And holy shit, you wrote a story about when I was clever
You seem to think that I’ve been fine
But darling, you don’t wanna go to where I’ve been
You don’t wanna hear the things I’ve said
You don’t wanna crawl inside my head
You don’t wanna wish that you were dead
Oh, no ma’am
Track Name: Sorry About That
20 West seems longer
Eyelids get stronger
Stay awake, stay awake
Heavy doors shut by wind gusts
Jack and ginger for for ten bucks
This ain't for for me
I was about to leave, I was about to
Until you finally made it out but it took forever
(Traffic in the city tends to be a nightmare)
You clean up well just as I had pictured
(A clean slate doesn't ever stay that way)
We put a couple down in about an hour
I wasn't planning this but I'm fucking lit
Don"t worry now cause it'll all get better
Just gotta stay awake, just gotta stay awake
I saw you talking to that gentleman in the collared shirt
So you called your friends in to help you escape from him
"Hey bitch where do you think you're going?"
"Cause I ain't done with you yet."
And then you got upset when I dropped his ass and got myself thrown out
I swear I'm not usually like this
I swear I'm a kind hearted man
But God slacked me when he built my fuses and I just can't help it when I've had a drink
I woke up on the floor, guess I'm still a bender
(God damnit Zach, you let it happen again)
I think you drove me home but I can't remember
(Another night probably worth forgetting)
I may be out of line but I swear I do care
A headache like this will really make you think
I looked around and couldn't find you nowhere
And I don't blame you dear, I'd have left too but I'm sorry about that
Track Name: Savannah
Savannah’s cold and dry this time around
She says, “Untie your thoughts and let them out
You’d be lucky if you ever burn me down
You’d be lucky if you even catch a spark
So play a couple songs that I sing to
For all of the irrelevance you cling to.”
I’ve got a lot to say but it’s easier to hate you
It’s easier to look at you that way
But then I saw on the sidewalk, pitiful
Your hands were burying the lies I hate you for
(It’s not fair)
Streets signs come and go, no turn arounds permitted
But we don’t ever listen
(It’s not fair)
How could you take a life and hide it all behind those eyes?
I wanna know
Was it even worth it?
Track Name: Ice Patch
Double on the rocks
Keep ‘em coming till I leave
Three years ago tonight marks the saddest anniversary
A friend of mine was walking from a couple blocks away to this same place
He almost made it
If I had gone
You would have seen us here that night
We would’ve wrecked the place like always and we’d both get home this time
If I had gone
But I didn’t, but I didn’t
Just past the freeway sign
We’ve got a man unconscious and not showing any signs
Oh, the irony and grief these type of nights always provide
Their worth will bleed out on the sidewalks while the worthless stay alive
If I had gone
I would have seen that patch of ice
I would have slipped in it myself
We’d lose a much more bitter life
If I had gone
I could have called someone, I could have helped him
Instead I poured up some shots
We took them straight to the head
He said, “Let’s go for a walk.”
I said, “Let’s stay in instead.”
He said, “Come on, why do you have to be like that?”
Woah, I’m never going back to that place but I can give you directions
Woah, see what you do is take this road up three lights
And take a left on already dead
Woah, I’m never stepping foot in that place, plus they’re your friends
Man, I don’t even know them
Woah, see what you do is take this road up three lights
And take a left on already dead